I am one of your fellow crafters sellling my wares in Etsy. You can find my shop by clicking here. When I first learned about the Etsy API, I played with it and decided to write a little web page to help me figure out who my potential customers are and where they are located.

I did a little research and found craftopolis.com, craftcult.com and etsyhacks.com. I reviewed the sites and found them very useful but I wanted to have a different way to present the data that the Etsy API has made available.

Later on in the development of my Etsy tool, I decided to share this little tool of mine to the Etsy community and maybe make some money along the way to buy me a decent cup of coffee.

If you find this web site helpful in managing and promoting your Etsy business and would like to donate to my "decent cup of coffee" fund, so I can stay awake longer and develop more functionality, click the donate button.